Jeffrey Patrick Casey

How I discovered my interest in Graphic Design/Illustration

I started learning Graphic Design when I was in highschool as a sophomore. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in my life before then

I grew a fond of the course and it soon became an obsession. In Graduation I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a career.

Style of Art

My style of work is modern; the use of geometric shapes, color schemes and patterns. I love to see my work look clean and precise but still playful and creative with the use of simplicity. I always experiment on new styles of course and get influenced by other designers that help me improve and create new ideas.

Workflow/Relationship with Clients

I work in a flash and start creating. I always want to give out multiple designs to clients for them to have a variety to decide on and always make sure the client is pleased. I will always revise work and make sure the design is what the client sees; also provide ideas to give if clients need it. I always do my best to provide the best designs to make my clients react in awe and excitement when they see their design created and it makes me happy to see my clients happy; it means "success".